Fire Engineering Reports

As leaders in fire engineering, Enlightened Fire Solutions have the knowledge and experience to provide your project with expert, technically accurate, and cost-effective fire engineering design services. 

We have a strong track record of providing our clients with advanced and innovative solutions that provide flexibility in design as well as ensuring safe and compliant buildings.

We aim to compliment your design team to ensure a well-co-ordinated and streamlined design process as we will work closely with you to understand your current needs as well as future needs to create flexible and functional designs. We advise early involvement in your project to ensure timely advice and to avoid unnecessary costs.

Enlightened Fire Solutions can provide assistance at all stages of your project – from initial fire design and modelling right through to Construction Monitoring.

All new buildings have to be compliant with the New Zealand Building Code in order to get a Building Consent. As part of that consent, Building Code clauses C1-C6 – Protection from Fire must be met. That mean safeguarding people and other property from risk caused by fire and ensuring access to fire service and firefighter safety operations. 

We will help you with concept development, fine tuning of designs, fire design specifications and can use fire modelling to ensure our reports are compliant in order to protect people, property and the environment.

Our aim is to present solutions to all stakeholders that maintain the design features, reduce costs and time and to provide practical and manageable solutions for the end user.

An alteration means any building work to re-build, re-erect, repair, enlarge or extend the building. Alterations to an existing building will require a building consent. As such, this may trigger upgrade provisions for the whole building.

This is where a practical approach to the building code requirements is needed. With our years of expertise, experience and knowledge, we ensure designs meet the needs of the building owner as well as offering practical advice and realistic solutions in knowing what options to pursue in the consent process.

The restoration of Heritage or historical buildings is a real passion of ours.  We have the knowledge and experience as it can be a challenge to try and preserve the unique artefacts and original design of the building while trying to incorporate compliant fire safety and systems.

We provide solutions that are created to keep the unique nature and heritage significance of the building intact.

We aim to design solutions to ensure that the beauty of the building is maintained as well as making sure that occupants are safe, and the building is protected. We do all this while being sensitive to the heritage of the building and being affordable and timely.

Every building is designed for a specific use and has to meet Building Code requirements that ensure it will be safe, healthy and durable when used in the way it was designed. If that use changes, the building may need to be altered to support the new use.

A change of use occurs in a building when both the use of a building or part of a building changes from one use to another and the new use has more onerous or additional Building Code requirements than the old use.

As with Alterations, this may trigger upgrade provisions for the whole building under Section 115 of the Building Code.

We work with your design teams to ensure that the fire safety design is developed to provide solutions that are buildable and conducive to the day to day functionality of the building.

These are tenancy fit-outs and small projects that require fire-safety design input to show Council how the tenancy and design meet the legislative requirements of Building Code clauses C1-C6.

As the tenancy usually meets compliance for its existing elements of the building the Fit-Out report shows compliance of any new attributes such as occupant loads, fire alarm systems, internal surface finishes, exit signs, emergency lighting and travel distances.

We work with your design team to ensure that all occupants are safe while still maintaining the style and design of the tenancy fit-out.